Welcome to Toolsberry

Welcome to Toolsberry

Today, we are taking the wrapper off Toolsberry, the most comprehensive, clean and accurate database of technographic data. 

Over the last 2 years, we have deeply researched the problems and challenges with technographic data and studied them in light of the needs of end users. We saw several problems. There was a large amount of technographic data for tech that was not tangibly useful. For example: knowing a website is built in PHP is only mildly valuable for sales & marketing. Similarly, we noticed that data that was out there was full of noise - website URLs which are far from good prospects. The result was the incomplete & noisy technographic data that is of limited use. 

We fixed this problem by focusing on accuracy and on quality over quantity. Toolsberry tracks a known set of companies that are good prospects across the globe and analyzes them for 2000+ technologies. Our process tracks smart signatures, job profiles, resumes, news releases, annual reports and other data to discover who is using what tech and apps. The result is a clean and accurate database of technographic data on prospects you can market to. 

Toolsberry is apt for discovering new target accounts, improving your marketing personalization, turbo charging your ABM process and a lot more. 

And it is all available with a simple subscription. And it gets better every single day. 

So get started with a free account and let us know your feedback at info@readycontacts.com. 


“Simple. Easy. Fast.”

Toolsberry is an excellent tool for finding leads based on technology or application usage. Its easy to use and is one subscription I am happy to continue paying - the ROI is immense.

Trusted by Global Companies

Companies of all sizes leverage Toolsberry to discover target accounts based on their technology and application usage.

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