List of Search and Filter Customers

Get an actionable list of companies using Search and Filter. Toolsberry tracks Search and Filter users across millions of companies and curates the companies who use Search and Filter with full company information including geography, industry and more.

3,565 Companies
Company City State Zip Country Industry Revenue Employees
The Home Depot Atlanta GA 30339 United States Retail > 1B 10K - 50K
Reuters Plus New York NY 10036 United States Media Production 10 - 50M 100 - 250
MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics Cambridge MA 2139 United States Research 0 - 1M 0 - 25
ClickBank Boise ID 83709 United States Internet 100 - 250M 250 - 1000
Intergroup Dialogue Project at Cornell University United States Higher Education 25 - 100
CUNY TechWorks Brooklyn NY 11241 United States Education Management 0 - 1M 0 - 25
UC Berkeley Labor Center Berkeley CA 94720 United States Higher Education 50 - 100M 25 - 100
Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business United States Education Management 25 - 100
Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA United States Health, Wellness & Fitness 25 - 100
The Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York University New York NY 10003 United States Performing Arts 0 - 1M 0 - 25
Center for Practice Transformation St Paul MN 55108 United States Professional Training & Coaching 1 - 10M 25 - 100
HackerRank Mountain View CA 94040 United States Computer Software 100 - 250M 250 - 1000
UCLA Labor Center Los Angeles CA 90057 United States Research 1 - 10M 25 - 100
Daedalus Astronautics at ASU Tempe AZ 85281 United States Aviation & Aerospace 1 - 10M 25 - 100
CUNY New York ny 10017 United States Higher Education > 1B 250 - 1000
Center for Effective Organizations at USC Marshall Los Angeles CA 90015 United States Research 1 - 10M 25 - 100
Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map (Iecam) Champaign IL 61820 United States Higher Education 500M - 1B 10K - 50K
Yale School of Drama United States Performing Arts 250 - 1000
Utah MBA Consulting Group Salt Lake City UT 84112 United States Management Consulting 1 - 10M 25 - 100
Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board Olympia WA 98504 United States Public Policy 1 - 10M 25 - 100
Mason Gross Performing Arts Ct Newark NJ 7107 United States Events Services 1 - 10M 25 - 100
Rutgers School Of Business–Camden Camden NJ 8102 United States Higher Education 10 - 50M 100 - 250

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toolsberry?

Toolsberry is a technographic data provider. What this means is that Toolsberry discovers the various technologies and applications and platforms that are used by a certain company and presents it in an easy to use format. Toolsberry does this for millions of companies across the globe.
And Toolsberry does this better than anyone else :-)

Is Toolsberry free?

Yes, and no. You can create a free Toolsberry account and get access to our full dataset and download samples of every technology install. Once you've identified the way you'd use Toolsberry, you can upgrade to a paid account.

How many technologies does Toolsberry track?

Toolsberry tracks 1500+ enterprise technologies and applications and focusses on technographic data that is actionable and useful rather than generic ones which add numbers but are not useful.

How many technologies does Toolsberry track?

Toolsberry tracks 1500+ enterprise technologies and applications and focusses on technographic data that is actionable and useful rather than generic ones which add numbers but are not useful.

Why is Toolsberry data better than others in this segment?

The primary reason Toolsberry data is far better than all other providers if technographic data is the "quality of companies and completeness of company data" that we deliver technographics for. Each of the accounts in your data is a "real company" a "real prospect" - whereas other lists are full of "website URLs" which are unusable and far away from being valid prospects. Toolsberry delivers actionable tech install intelligence at companies who are "curated buyers".

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