Technology Companies
jQuery jQuery 362,681
Google API Google API 333,902
jQuery Migrate jQuery Migrate 155,374
Lazy Load for JQuery Lazy Load for JQuery 132,952
Bootstrap.js Bootstrap.js 103,227
Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager 98,895
Spin JS Spin JS 97,198
Bootstrap Bootstrap 87,037
core-js core-js 82,746
Facebook for Websites Facebook for Websites 71,670
Polyfill IO Polyfill IO 69,338
html5shiv html5shiv 54,071
jQuery Waypoints jQuery Waypoints 52,128
Slider Revolution Slider Revolution 51,826
imagesLoaded imagesLoaded 39,378
OWL Carousel OWL Carousel 38,736
Swiper Swiper 37,872
Slick JS Slick JS 36,981
Slick Slick 36,734
Respond Respond 32,346
Webpack Webpack 30,496
FitVids.JS FitVids.JS 30,237
jQuery UI jQuery UI 29,647
Modernizr Modernizr 27,772
pickadate.js pickadate.js 26,004
FlexSlider FlexSlider 24,793
Fancybox Fancybox 24,296
Magnific Popup Magnific Popup 23,920
jQuery Easing jQuery Easing 23,863
LightBox LightBox 23,329
jQuery BlockUI jQuery BlockUI 22,727
Hover Intent Hover Intent 22,686
jQuery Cookie jQuery Cookie 22,377
jQuery Validate jQuery Validate 20,466
jQuery prettyPhoto jQuery prettyPhoto 19,907
jQuery Mousewheel jQuery Mousewheel 18,803
WebFont Loader WebFont Loader 18,737
jQuery Accordion jQuery Accordion 18,362
parallax.js parallax.js 18,188
lazySizes lazySizes 16,974
jQuery UI Mouse jQuery UI Mouse 16,058
jQuery Masonry jQuery Masonry 16,015
jQuery Form jQuery Form 14,186
bxSlider bxSlider 14,075
Isotope Isotope 13,741
jQuery NoConflict jQuery NoConflict 13,546
Masonry Masonry 12,918
jQuery Countdown jQuery Countdown 12,834
Twitter Platform Twitter Platform 12,573
Popper.js Popper.js 11,719
jQuery Placeholder jQuery Placeholder 11,579
carouFredSel carouFredSel 11,423
jQuery Cycle jQuery Cycle 10,587
Masked Input Masked Input 9,130
Require JS Require JS 8,689
Datawrapper Datawrapper 8,374
jQuery Colorbox jQuery Colorbox 7,459
Foundation Foundation 7,401
Angular JS Angular JS 7,281
Moment JS Moment JS 7,017
Google Hosted Libraries Google Hosted Libraries 6,948
jQuery Once jQuery Once 6,929
Infinite Scroll Infinite Scroll 6,182
History JS History JS 6,017
jQuery History jQuery History 6,017
jQuery ScrollTo jQuery ScrollTo 5,680
jQuery Throttle Debounce jQuery Throttle Debounce 5,605
Nivo Slider Nivo Slider 5,505
Jetpack Jetpack 5,127
Picturefill Picturefill 4,922
RequireJS RequireJS 4,801
jquery.transit jquery.transit 4,580
Slides JS Slides JS 4,551
Easy Pie Chart Easy Pie Chart 4,485
selectivizr selectivizr 4,363
Device JS Device JS 4,313
SWFObject SWFObject 3,940
css3-mediaqueries.js css3-mediaqueries.js 3,922
MasterSlider MasterSlider 3,776
Piwik PRO Piwik PRO 3,776
Stellar.js Stellar.js 3,753
Featherlight Featherlight 3,365
Retina JS Retina JS 2,839
UIKit UIKit 2,779
JCarousel JCarousel 2,758
MooTools MooTools 2,511
PhotoSwipe PhotoSwipe 2,448
DataTables DataTables 2,264
Tealium Tealium 2,252
D3 JS D3 JS 2,194
dc.js dc.js 2,132
Uniform Uniform 2,079
Backstretch Backstretch 2,066
Tweet for jQuery Tweet for jQuery 1,931
Prototype Prototype 1,863
Matomo Tag Manager Matomo Tag Manager 1,760
anime.js anime.js 1,755
Underscore.js Underscore.js 1,734
Instafeed.js Instafeed.js 1,670
RoyalSlider RoyalSlider 1,667
VueJS VueJS 1,615
Tooltipster Tooltipster 1,560
VelocityJS VelocityJS 1,482
jQuery Tools jQuery Tools 1,461
Signal Signal 1,370
Mobilemenu Mobilemenu 1,349
perfect-scrollbar perfect-scrollbar 1,321
Elastislide Elastislide 1,253
Backbone.js Backbone.js 1,228
timeago timeago 1,179
Two.js Two.js 1,151
Touchwipe Touchwipe 1,108
Vivus Vivus 1,092
jQuery bgiframe jQuery bgiframe 1,061
jQuery Validation Engine jQuery Validation Engine 992
Adobe TagManager Adobe TagManager 978
ECMAScript 5 Shim ECMAScript 5 Shim 923
PNG Fix PNG Fix 900
jQuery pngfix jQuery pngfix 900
Galleria Galleria 888
Enquire JS Enquire JS 799
Tablesorter Tablesorter 759
jQuery Marquee jQuery Marquee 674
Mustache JS Mustache JS 670
jScrollPane jScrollPane 643
Highslide Highslide 624
jQuery UI Tabs jQuery UI Tabs 612 587
JCarousel Lite JCarousel Lite 513
Raphael Raphael 490
jQuery Unobtrusive Ajax jQuery Unobtrusive Ajax 487
AnythingSlider AnythingSlider 482
PrismJS PrismJS 340
Fotorama Fotorama 333
SimplyScroll SimplyScroll 332
KnockoutJS KnockoutJS 321
Orbit Slider Orbit Slider 298
Alertify JS Alertify JS 268
EasyZoom EasyZoom 214
Ext JS Ext JS 207
mParticle mParticle 207
jsTimezoneDetect jsTimezoneDetect 201
morris.js morris.js 173
jQuery Corner jQuery Corner 169
Gridster Gridster 163
Socket.IO Socket.IO 155
simplelightbox simplelightbox 149
Tiny Carousel Tiny Carousel 149
Detectizr Detectizr 142
URI js URI js 141
TradingView TradingView 140
amCharts amCharts 139
Slideshow CK Slideshow CK 130
VK VK 127
React React 120
Stockdio Stockdio 115 101
jShowOff jShowOff 85
SVGeezy SVGeezy 81
SocketIO SocketIO 78
HubSpot Vex HubSpot Vex 77
Dynamics.js Dynamics.js 71
AD Gallery AD Gallery 71
Riot Riot 68
WURFL js WURFL js 64
Coda Slider Coda Slider 61
Meteor Meteor 58
pixi.js pixi.js 53
RactiveJS RactiveJS 52
“Simple. Easy. Fast.”

Toolsberry is an excellent tool for finding leads based on technology or application usage. Its easy to use and is one subscription I am happy to continue paying - the ROI is immense.

Trusted by Global Companies

Companies of all sizes leverage Toolsberry to discover target accounts based on their technology and application usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toolsberry?

Toolsberry is a technographic data provider. What this means is that Toolsberry discovers the various technologies and applications and platforms that are used by a certain company and presents it in an easy to use format. Toolsberry does this for millions of companies across the globe.
And Toolsberry does this better than anyone else :-)

Is Toolsberry free?

Yes, and no. You can create a free Toolsberry account and get access to our full dataset and download samples of every technology install. Once you've identified the way you'd use Toolsberry, you can upgrade to a paid account.

How many technologies does Toolsberry track?

Toolsberry tracks 1500+ enterprise technologies and applications and focusses on technographic data that is actionable and useful rather than generic ones which add numbers but are not useful.

How many technologies does Toolsberry track?

Toolsberry tracks 1500+ enterprise technologies and applications and focusses on technographic data that is actionable and useful rather than generic ones which add numbers but are not useful.

Why is Toolsberry data better than others in this segment?

The primary reason Toolsberry data is far better than all other providers if technographic data is the "quality of companies and completeness of company data" that we deliver technographics for. Each of the accounts in your data is a "real company" a "real prospect" - whereas other lists are full of "website URLs" which are unusable and far away from being valid prospects. Toolsberry delivers actionable tech install intelligence at companies who are "curated buyers".

Start with a free Toolsberry account.

Explore today by creating your Toolsberry account and discovering companies and their technographics & a lot more.

No credit card required.